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Using Access Database

msdaerXX.dll error at install (Pocket Access Applications)

hx4700 problem with .NET programs:


Pocket PC 2002:

Pocket PC 2003 (Windows Mobile 2003):

Why overwrite VB-Files at Install?

  • It might occur that tha setup program will ask you to overwrite existing files on your PocketPC. 
    In this case, always keep the newer files. Should the program not work, please re-install and 
    choose to overwrite existing files (pvbload.exe and some dll files). The reason for that is quite simple. Microsoft and some manufacturer add the required program files to the ROM as part of their OS giving them the date of the OS without adding the required keys to the registry. This might cause some   programs not to work properly. Re-installation and overwriting those files will fix this problem.

Error: ...file *vb is no application associated...
    Run the application first, then try to open this file from within the application

  • This error occurs sometimes during installation of a Visual Basic Program if this installation did not overwrite all files and therefore no registration succeeded or another program prevented this (for example Data On The Run). Please download my new tool “VB Repair”, install it and run it under Start > Programs > Kaisoft. Download VB Repair. It will work with all processors: XScale, ARM, MIPS and SH3. 

Error: "The file "\windows\adosync.dll" is in use or is in ROM
                If the file not in ROM, please close the application using the file"

  • If this error comes, then remove the Pocket PC from the cradle and
  • click OK or YES to continie the installation
  • Then work it
  • Hint: (this file is in use from ACTIVE SYNC)

Install > Setup.exe > not found CE AppManager

  • That can be a problem of Windows NT or 2000
  • Open the ZIP file
  • Extract the CAB file for your CPU (processor, example ...ARM...)
    (ARM = XScale)
  • Copy this CAB file to you Pocket PC in any folder
  • Run ths CAB file on your Pocket PC
    The Installtion is starting
  • That method can you also use for mobile installation from storage card
  • Please set the CAB file on "read only", then not automatcally delete this file after installation

Pocket Access (CDB and MDB) how to use?

  • Connect your Pocket PC with your Desktop PC
  • Please use "Copy & Paste" to copy MDB files to your Pocket PC
  • 1. Open the Explorer on your Desktop PC
  • 2. Press the right mouse button and COPY the MDB file
  • 3. Change to "Mobile Device" (see in Explorer on bottom)
  • 4. Change to any folder
  • 5. Press the right mouse button and click PASTE.
  • 6. Now copy and converting the MDB file to CDB file (Pocket Access) to your Pocket PC
  • 7. You can open and edit this file with my Access Manager now.
  • Back from Pocket PC to your Desktop PC work it exactly the same