Privacy Policy

Program: Internet-Radio for Windows 8

Internet Connection
The program uses an internal connection.

Volume, Flatrate, 3G
The program transfer Audio in streaming format. Here, large quantities of data. Therefore, make sure that you preferably via LAN or WLAN to the Internet and have a flat rate, so no high costs are incurred. With each type of connection (LAN, WLAN, 3G) a flat rate is recommended.

Favorites, UDID
The program uses Favorites to store and retrieve individual podcasts. Here, a D.S. UDID (unique identifier, MAC address of the network card) and stored on the server in a database Pocketkai. It will be the UDID and the corresponding recordset number stored and can be displayed on the ad. To use this feature, you must allow it. You can disable the feature by in the settings > About/Settings: switch off the "Favorites".

Personal Data
No personal data, except to the UDID, stored or used. No data will be passed on.